Here is to the Men..The Men who love Women

March 3, 2018 BergenSphere 1

As I browsed through the various news reports on the internet about the ongoing ‘Me too’ campaign, my curiosity drove me to the comment section. A barrage of comments, understandably, castigated the male species for being in large part a useless lot and a burden to the female species. In [……………]

Beautiful and Uncertain

January 27, 2018 BergenSphere 0

  If you are reading this, thank you for your interest in the journey of an unknown person. My name is Sakib, and I work with technology for a living. I was born in Bangladesh and grew up there. Currently, I live in Bergen. Bergen is a long distance from [……………]

From Delhi to Oslo

January 20, 2018 BergenSphere 1

  Delhi, The Heart of India. Its area is 1484 km sq., which is approximately thrice the area of Oslo. It has a population of 11 million, approximately twice the population of Norway. It became the capital of India in 1911, a union territory in 1956, and so on. But [……………]

The Gift of Giving

January 6, 2018 BergenSphere 3

Okay- after weeks of ranter’s block, since I am no writer it surely can’t be writer’s block, I guess I should try again to see how this works. Today a very dear friend of mine surprised me. He sent me a message saying that he had some money for me, [……………]


December 28, 2017 BergenSphere 3

I remember being in my grandparents’ town. My grandfather has a lot of land with only two kinds of trees, cherry and olive. Every summer at the beginning of May we start our vacation there. It’s a small town with a big green mountain, a valley and endless flat land. [……………]

Ghetto Norway Oslo Furuset American in Norway

“Us” Without Borders?

October 30, 2015 BergenSphere 0

As an American, I am accustomed to hearing people carelessly use the word “ghetto.” I probably do it myself. The word connotes urban poverty, crime, violence, gangs, drug abuse, homogeneity. It is a lazy and unhelpful way to describe places that often have complex issues—places that above all else seem too different to [……………]

Miss Africa Bergen contestants 2015 African associations in Bergen

Bergen’s New Miss Africa

September 29, 2015 BergenSphere 3

Binta Kaba, the winner of Miss Africa contest, had to make a few sacrifices in order to participate in the contest. Having just a few days to prepare and a baby taken ill, she had to battle whether or not to go on with the contest. With courage and patriotism for her [……………]

norway refugee protest mediteranean

“Send boats to the Mediterranean Now!”

September 29, 2015 BergenSphere 0

Norwegian people’s Aid Solidarity Youth held today in Bergen an event to show solidarity with refugees attempting to cross the Mediterranean. So many people had met for the event in Bergen to show solidarity with refugees attempting to cross the Mediterranean. It was also built many paper boats as a [……………]