History is…


History is the story of migration.

It is a compilation of records that offer a rich collection on human behavior in various situations.

History is rich people making decisions for poor people.

History is identifying origins without giving excuses.


History is good intention delivered with condescension.

History is the shifting perception of nationalism.

History offers a series of arguments to be debated.

History is memorization saved for pedantic use.


History is us against them.

History is humiliation, borders, long lines and walls.

History is eye contact with strangers.

History is the novel that epitomizes the era.


History is convincing each other that some peoples’ lives are more precious than others.

History is privilege, and observing undeserving luxury.

History is the promise of climbing social ladders– and hitting glass ceilings.

History is power being abused- and generations believing that others are out of touch.


History is hopeful youth and summits conquered.

History is the recycled dreams of a changed world.

History is the evidence of human judgment left behind from every region and every era.

History is the mob…and it’s fringe-confusing the message.


History shows us humanity at work and at play.

History is the people who attack conventional wisdom and leadership.

History is the damage that the word purity can cause.

History is people being bound by their own illiteracy.


History is people becoming a people

History is the poor being divided–and too overworked to reach their full potential.

History is old gods in new clothes.

History is hiding sources and claiming invention.


History is the struggle to ignite a fire from the glowing embers of our ancestors’ former visions.

It is invention, innovation and exploitation.


Time is the best antagonist because it allows everybody to be a sympathetic character within their own context.

History is teaching that everything can be explained, but not explained away.


By: Angelica Osnes

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