From Delhi to Oslo

January 20, 2018 BergenSphere 1

  Delhi, The Heart of India. Its area is 1484 km sq., which is approximately thrice the area of Oslo. It has a population of 11 million, approximately twice the population of Norway. It became the capital of India in 1911, a union territory in 1956, and so on. But [……………]


January 12, 2018 Angelica Osnes 1

I thought I was a pretty typical American college student. I lived in an apartment with my best friends, and I majored in history with a minor in philosophy. With my flute and my Vonnegut collection on kindle, I packed my backpack to see Europe – and to write what [……………]


December 28, 2017 BergenSphere 3

I remember being in my grandparents’ town. My grandfather has a lot of land with only two kinds of trees, cherry and olive. Every summer at the beginning of May we start our vacation there. It’s a small town with a big green mountain, a valley and endless flat land. [……………]

Ghetto Norway Oslo Furuset American in Norway

“Us” Without Borders?

October 30, 2015 BergenSphere 0

As an American, I am accustomed to hearing people carelessly use the word “ghetto.” I probably do it myself. The word connotes urban poverty, crime, violence, gangs, drug abuse, homogeneity. It is a lazy and unhelpful way to describe places that often have complex issues—places that above all else seem too different to [……………]

Miss Africa Bergen contestants 2015 African associations in Bergen

Bergen’s New Miss Africa

September 29, 2015 BergenSphere 3

Binta Kaba, the winner of Miss Africa contest, had to make a few sacrifices in order to participate in the contest. Having just a few days to prepare and a baby taken ill, she had to battle whether or not to go on with the contest. With courage and patriotism for her [……………]