Here is to the Men..The Men who love Women

March 3, 2018 BergenSphere 1

As I browsed through the various news reports on the internet about the ongoing ‘Me too’ campaign, my curiosity drove me to the comment section. A barrage of comments, understandably, castigated the male species for being in large part a useless lot and a burden to the female species. In [……………]

Ghetto Norway Oslo Furuset American in Norway

“Us” Without Borders?

October 30, 2015 BergenSphere 0

As an American, I am accustomed to hearing people carelessly use the word “ghetto.” I probably do it myself. The word connotes urban poverty, crime, violence, gangs, drug abuse, homogeneity. It is a lazy and unhelpful way to describe places that often have complex issues—places that above all else seem too different to [……………]